There is many time that you make me Angry, Annoyed, but There is many time too you make me Comfortable, Happy, and There is many time you make me Smile. I always Grateful because God give me friend like you. I’ll never forget you.. Sorry for always make you sad because my behavior like Im Childish. I wish we can meet again someday:( Hopefully we can meet up again with a new story. Hopefully we can make a lot story with full of joy without sorrow and pain as before. Hopefully you can still be my friend forever. Dont leave me…. huaaaaaaaa (T,T)


Maybe this ‪#‎latepost‬, but never too late to say thank you for everything you told, for everything you shared, and everything you gave to me. And finally we had to separated here. I’m sad because I will miss you. Best wish for us. See you on top !
Evi Kinasih Ikhwan ( T.T )

Qtime with Evikin
Qtime with Evikin

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