Tanjungpinang · Vacation

Wisata Tanjungpinang

Well, when I was in elementary school, Tourism Tanjungpinang not as much now. Usual tourist places I visit with family only Penyengat Island, Trikora Beach and Suaka Alam (seems have been closed). Having migrated to Java for school and college seems to have a lot of growing Tanjungpinang. Here are some list of tourist attractions in Tanjungpinang, for who want to travel are required to visit these places. I should visit too (^ .-)

  1. Trikora Beach
  2. Sakera Beach
  3. Penyengat Island
  4. Lagoi Bintan Resort
  5. Areca Waterpark
  6. Bintan Indra sakti Bay Waterpark
  7. vihara Avalokitesvara
  8. Mini Zoo Kijang
  9. Klenteng Senggarang
  10. Waterfall Gunung Bintan

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