Story Of My Life

Miss my sweet friend


Aristotle says that,”Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit”, trust me, i miss you more..

Sebenarnya beberapa waktu yang lalu dapet kiriman poto dari my lovely friend, mb Ulya yang mau perjalanan ke London, kayaknya ini baru nyampai Bandaranya yah ? Jadi ragu ini Bandara di Taiwan atau Bandara di Londonnya. Kalo lagi di London, “London Bridge” nya enggak keliatan mbak atau menara “Bigben”  di Istana Westminster nya mana kok gak keliatan???

Hohoho…just kiddingThank you for remember me, there. Sorry I cann’t keep my promise to visit you and go vacation there so we have a good time and fun time together there. Maybe one day, or maybe before you get married for removing the single status  on your live, ya?? Travel around the world for removing the single status on our live. Haha..It’s fun things just to imagine it .

 Thank You very much, announcement me when you get return to Indonesia.

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