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6 Eye-Opening Maps Of Indonesia You Probably Haven’t Seen Before. From Religious and ethnic Diversity, to population and language comparisions, these maps will teach you something new about INDONESIA.

GRP (Gross Regional Product) per capita by Indonesian province (2008)

Indonesian nation has more than 746 local languages and 17,508 island.

How to say “one, two, three” in the various languages of Indonesia

Indonesia is a republic which uses 1945 as the base country. 5 recognized religions in Indonesia. Here is a religion -agama in many cases were residents of Indonesia, Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism and Buddhism. However, most of the population are Muslims.

Religious diversity of Indonesia

As is known, that Indonesia is the country with the largest population and the fourth most populous in the world after the state of 1.China, 2.India and 3.USA. Population each of region in Indonesia, be equal to the number of residents of in other countries in the world.

The population of Indonesia is equal to the combined population of the following countries

Besides having a lot of Indonesian also has many ethnic groups. There are more than 300 ethnic groups or tribes in Indonesia. or exactly 1,340 tribes according to BPS census in 2010. The Javanese are the largest ethnic group in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s astounding ethnic diversity in one map

Source Picture from  WOWShack.


 Wonderful Indonesia | North Sumatra

Wonderful Indonesia | Tana Toraja, Makasar

Wonderful Indonesia | Jakarta: Indonesia’s National and Business Capital

Wonderful Indonesia | East Java

Wonderful Indonesia| West Java

Wonderful Indonesia | Yogyakarta

Wonderful Indonesia | Lombok

Wonderful Indonesia | Komodo Labuan Bajo

Wonderful Indonesia | Bali

 Wonderful Indonesia | Kelimutu Flores

Wonderful Indonesia | Manado – Bunaken National Park

Wonderful Indonesia | Raja Ampat Papua

Source Youtube from Indonesia Travels

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