She is white but they call her pale, so she’s ugly. He is nice but they call him fat, so he’s ugly. She has a great voice but they call her the black girl so she’s ugly. He is a sweetheart but they call him gay, so he’s ugly.
And then there’s me. I am flawed. So I’m ugly.

nobody is perfect, right? even though in the relationship, friendship, family, love, no one is perfect. The problem is how we’re gonna accept that. How we gonna Realize that everybody have their own problems. We have to STOP! Stop being worry for nothing. Stop being greedy for a things. Stop being jealous of something that we couldn’t have it but other people have. Stop being show off for the things that we have and learn to be grateful. God is fair.

Be Grateful for today, that we could learn. If we don’t learn, so we grateful for this day we could eating. If today we don’t eat, so we grateful for we weren’t sick. And if we are sick, grateful that we don’t die today.


We must learn how to keep the feelings of others. We need to respect each other, respect for fellow creatures of god. Learn How you gon treat them. How you gonna treat your friend, treat your elders, treat your child, treat your bos etc. Your bos isn’t your child, your elders isn’t your friend, and your friend isn’t your slave. You must learn how to treat them right, and the world will be on your side no matter how bad your shapes. While having friends, treat them well. Without them, how can i standing alone?? Because,

friends are siblings that God forgot to give it to us


Believe it vi, Everything it’s gonna be okay..^^

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