Story Of My Life

End of the year 2015

end of the year 2015

This time i will writing stories about the end of the year two thousand fifteen in my life. So what’s this year ? So in this year, I got new friends. In total there are six people, some are close and some rather close,haha.. but overall we called friends,right? How we meet, arn’t you corious?

Well. we are on the same boarding house. At the first time it felt awkward, we just smiled when occasionally met. Until one day, Arum ask me to help her, paint her wall room so since that time we become friend. She actually my first friend in that boarding house, i dont know why  but for some reason we become a close friend, very close. She is very kind to me, yeah actually she really really kind and wise. She always give me a gift, that I can give her back. that’s surprising (sorry I still can’t pay you back, but I believe that you are ikhlas,right?) Sometime she just acting like she was my big sister and i feel happy about that. Every weekend we always cook, eat and shop together. We fight a lot too, maybe because we are close? I dont know. but I love her, I mean not love for weird relationship, just love for your sister. It’s difficult to describe in english world. I’m a normal person guys ^^

Hi,My name is Arum

Then mbak Faiza. She is the most friendly person that i know in that boarding house from the first i’m in. She never forgets to greet people,

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