Story Of My Life

No longer

Do you know’s the most frightening thing in the world? The most frightening sentence to say? I know that, learning from bitter experienced. Isn’t a dirty word,  isn’t a taboo word but this, is the worst sentence.  We are no longer friends is the worst word. Why? Because this sentence capable to killing someone’s soul.


Couldn’t you able to reach him out? He doesn’t need that much, just one. No more and no less than one.Thorny spines have been stuck very deep. Only the hands of friends who able to remove the thorns that stuck inside. But, why no one beside him? This is a cruel world, indeed.

All you have to do just stay beside him. Thats it. Pretending that you do care, in the end you just said the worst word ever to him.  He’s broken. If you do care, Approach, Tell and Prove. Stop pretending…

Approach your friend who is crying and tell this “we, you and me, no matter what obstacles are facing, we will face together.” Reach out him. Because that what’s friend do.

And for you let me tell you someting. If oneday you meet somene, be nice be friends. Remember onething dont trust dont expect because they can break your wings anytime.

Careless you’ll lose,  Care to much you’ll hurt. 

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